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"Many people with dysthymic disorder have no idea they have a mood disorder. They just believe that they are "meant" to be depressed, or that negativity, pessimism, sadness and low energy are just part of their personality." 

"The point is, dysthymia is a very dysfunctional illness, even relative to acute major depression. Dysthymia is what ruins peoples' lives."
Columbia University, New York State Psychiatric Institute Dr. Jonathan W. Stewart said.

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Dysthymic Disorder information

Dysthymic Disorder web site for those who suffer from Dysthymia. Tell your story, take surveys, and more.

According to Clinical Psychiatry News, Aug. 1, 2010, dysthymia:

  • causes more people to be on Social Security, Medicaid and disability than those with major depression or the general population
  • results in more people having emotional and physical problems interfering with work and social activities than those with major depression or the general population
  • results in fewer people finding full time employment than those with major depression or the general population

Do not let anyone convince you dysthymic disorder is "mild" and does not create imbalance and difficulty in your life.

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About Dysthymic Disorder video, 2012

Learn what dysthymic disorder is, the symptoms, possible treatments and much more.

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About Robyn Wheeler
Robyn Wheeler was diagnosed with Dysthymic Disorder in 2010. She wrote Born Mad in 2011 to help other who may be suffering from the chronic anger, anxiety and moodiness that may accompany this rarely talked about disorder. Born Mad received second plance in women's interest and newbie nonfiction and honorable mention in cover design and self-help in the 2012 Royal Dragonfly Book Awards. She is currently a newspaper reporter for The Monitor of Cedar Creek Lake. Robyn is also available for writing and editing projects. Robyn owned The Creature Teacher wildlife education service for more than 15 years. For more information, go to



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